In a shocking incident in Vadodara, a class nine student was killed by another student of the same school within the school premises.

The incident occurred on Friday and it reminded of last year’s killing of a seven-year-old at a school in Haryana’s Gurugram. In both of these cases the killers had chosen a common murder site and chose their victims randomly. Both the accused had behavioural problems in the past.

A class 10 student of Shree Bharti Vidhyalay, who is the suspect in the Vadodara student murder case, has allegedly confessed to killing Dev Tadvi, a junior of the same school. Police said that the murder was planned to force the school to close in and was conducted in revenge for a scolding that the accused had received from teachers.]

Several stab wounds were found on the body of Tadvi.

Police investigations found a 12-inch knife near the body of the deceased student in the school toilet. More sharp-edged weapons were also recovered from a satchel found on the roof of a temple nearby the school. The satchel also had a bottle of chili powder solution and a shirt stained in blood

Manoj Shashidhar, Vadodara police commissioner said: “the accused had no animosity towards Tadvi. He barely knew Tadvi, who had taken admission only 10 days back. The accused had displayed behavioural problems on several occasions in the past for which he was scolded by his teachers.”

Shashidhar added “The accused wanted to take revenge on the school and wanted it to shut down. He found Tadvi when he reached the school on Friday. The victim could have been any student.”

Further police investigations found that the accused is mentally tough and had shown no regret for the murder that was committed by him. To execute the plan, the accused had collected all the sharp weapons by himself from various places, said investigators.

The whole incident was recorded in the CCTV of the school. The entire incident happened within 90 seconds. The victim was pushed by the suspect towards the toilet. After the 90 seconds were over as found in the CCTV footage, the accused was seen sunning out alone from the crime scene.

At that time of the murder, two other students were present in the toilet. The presence of them did not frighten the accused from carrying out his plan. The two students were found to be screaming out from the toilet and informing the school authorities about the incident. In the meantime, the accused student escaped through the back door.

Jagruti Pandya, Gujarat Child and Women Welfare Board chairman said “we will try to understand the boy’s psychological condition and emotional state before taking any decision on his future. We should also keep in mind that he is in Class 10.” “It’s been only a few hours since his arrest. The kid might open up and share what he was going through after a while.”

Shashidhar said “He was trying to take shelter at a relative’s house in Valsad after running away from the school around Friday noon.”

Forensic report revealed that Tadvi’s body have 31 small and big stab wounds. In his native village at Anand District on Saturday the funeral of the deceased took place. The deceased student had been staying with his maternal aunt in Vadodara while the parents and sister of the student lived in the village.

Dev’s aunt Hansa Tadvi said “I brought up Dev. He was more than a son to me. We want the accused to be hanged or given life imprisonment. The school should also not be allowed to function any further.”

“When the psychological condition of children gets this worse, it becomes a matter of serious concern for both the government and society,” said Vijay Rupani Chief Minister to the media.

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