The Congress president Rahul Gandhi was praised by the alliance partner of the NDA – Shiv Sena on Thursday in its an article in its mouth piece Samna. It said that Rahul was maintaining his dignity while criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speeches. Rahul could give BJP a tough fight in 2019, Sena added.

Making fun of Rahul Gandhi’s comment which he had made two days ago where he said that he is ready to be a Prime Ministerial candidate, was not proper for the BJP and the party should have welcomed the comment and not make a joke out of it. Instead the BJP should challenge and defeat him in the 2019 parliamentary elections, said the article in Samna.

Reacting to Rahul’s comment, Modi had asked whether the country would ever accept such an “immature and naamdar (famous)” leader for the post.

Shiv Sena said that it all depended on the voters’ choice of the next Prime Minister.

Shiv Sena said: “However, saying that he (Gandhi) is eager to become the prime minister or making fun of him is against democracy.”

Sena also added, “If there is democracy left in the country, the BJP should have welcomed Gandhi’s statement and challenged him to defeat it in 2019.”

Rahul Gandhi takes criticism positively and has changed a lot, the article further said. He is a changed man compared to what he was in 2014 and all should remember this, it added. Rahul can give a close fight to BJP in 2019 and the Gujrat assembly has proved that, Sena also said in the mouthpiece.

Whenever Rahul Gandhi has attacked Modi, he has maintained a certain degree of dignity and has never hunched low because he “respected” Modi as the prime minister, Sena said. But at the same time, the BJP uses “derogatory” language against him, Sena alleged.

The Samna article also said that in politics, everyone should maintain others’ dignity and Rahul Gandhi always maintains a “certain degree of political class”.

As we all know that the relation between BJP and its alliance party Shiv Sena is not in a good state.

Sena further mocked Modi and said, “The PM has started remembering his ‘alliance dharma’ now. We are happy to hear that,’’

The BJP thinks that Congress does not consult its allies when taking big decisions, Sena article noted. But it inquired about the number of times the BJP consults its NDA allies before taking a significant decision.

The Marathi daily Saamna claimed the BJP allies are “stabbed in the back” with the sword of power at the hands of the NDA government.

Earlier, BJP had questioned Rahul Gandhi about how and why he considers himself to be a contender for the post of prime minister of the country when there are many seniors in the Congress party and their allies.

Toeing that line, the Sena wanted to know how Modi became the PM despite the presence of many senior BJP leaders such as L.K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi.

“Similarly, Modi and (BJP chief) Amit Shah appointed the (country’s) president without talking to NDA partners’’, Sena said

(Adapted Hindustan Times)