Scamsters Attempt To Steal CBSE Papers, Use Same Tactics for Duping People Of Bank Accounts

Scamsters Attempt To Steal CBSE Papers, Use Same Tactics for Duping People Of Bank Accounts

Scamsters Attempt To Steal CBSE Papers, Use Same Tactics for Duping People Of Bank Accounts

We all know by now about how fraudsters and scammers use technology such as e-mails and mischievous phone calls to dupe people of money form their bank accounts.

Now, these scamsters have used the same methods to try and lay hands at board exam question papers and attempted to halt the nation-wide Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examination when they failed to succeed, or so it appears.

Reports of CBSC Class 12 Accountancy question paper leak

The entire country was abuzz on Thursday morning after there were reports that the accountancy question paper of Class 12 exam of the CBSE has had been leaked. The news was even confirmed by Manish Sisodia, Delhi Education Minister, who informed that some questions were being shared on social media groups and such questions were identical to the CBSE Accountancy paper set 2. The CBSE, however, went on with the examination.

CBSE Question Papers Leaked on Whatsapp and Social Media?

It was alleged that the question papers were leaked on WhatsApp and social media on Wednesday evening and as the news broke on Thursday morning, the CBSE Board hurriedly held a closed-door meeting to assess the situation. It has been alleged that the leak generated from Rohini area of the National Capital. Sisodia reportedly received a Whatsapp message containing some of the accountancy questions just a few minutes before the exam was to start at 10:30 am.

CBSE Clarified that No Question Paper was leaked

CBSE later said that there were no proof of any paper leak. “All the seals have been found intact at all the centers. During the process of examination, however, at a local level, some miscreants have tried to play mischief by circulating messages through WhatsApp and social media to disturb the sanctity of the examinations,” the Board said in a statement.

However, an FIR was launched by the Board demanding strict action against the incident.

Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi

Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi

This, however, does not detract from the fact that the board had been apprehensive about a possible use of technology and e-mails to attempt to take out a question paper from the board for this year’s examination.

Strict action against miscreants who spread rumors about CBSE Question Paper Leak

Vide a circular letter with code CBSE/CE/2018, issued on March 4 this year, the CBSE’s controller of examinations K. Choudhury had warned and alerted all examination centers of “Frivolous Mails / Messages /WhatsApp Texts” which the board had observed were doing the rounds. The letter states that some miscreants were emailing and texting to “some of the examination centers” and “asking for the copies of question paper for verification.”

According to the warning letter the unscrupulous elements were using the name of the controller of examination of CBSE to send a text message and Whatsapp messages and making use of the mail ID “”. All of the examination centers were sent the letter and informed that the Board would never ask for any copies of the administered question paper from its examinations centers.

All of the examination centers in India and abroad were cautioned about such emails which were frivolous and the centers should not respond to such mails.

Miscreants were using Social Engineering technique

This shows that thugs and scamsters are making use of technology and trying to use the same modus operandi that is often used to steal from bank account and credit and debit card accounts by stealing the password from unsuspecting people.