Congress President Rahul Gandhi mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday saying: “Dear Modi ji you talk a lot, problem is your actions does not match your word. Here’s a primer on your candidate selection in Karnataka. It plays like an episode of “Karnataka’s Most Wanted”.

This was the tweet the Rahul Gandhi put out along with a list of BJP candidates who were tainted but were given tickets by the political party for the forthcoming assembly elections in Karnataka. He alleged that such candidates had allegations of corruptions against them. He even called BJP’s chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa to be tainted leader.

The one-minute video saw Rahul Gandhi taking a jibe at Modi. He called the list of BJP candidates “Karnataka’s Most Wanted” in the tweet. He said in the video addressing Modi: “You talk a lot.”

Rahul Gandhi also dared Modi to speak for five minutes on issues related to those BJP leaders who face corruption charges, and yet have been handed over election tickets by the BJP for the Karnataka assembly elections. He repeated this call multiple times throughout the video.

It was during one of the election rallies that Rahul Gandhi was addressing for the Karnataka polls where he dared Modi to face him and speak for at least 15 minutes in a debate in Parliament over several contentious issues such as the the Rafale deal, and corruption. That was the beginning of the war of words between the two leaders which has been given a context by the Karnataka elections.

As a response to the first invite by Rahul Gandhi to speak for 15 minutes, Modi challenged the Congress chief to continuously talk for 15 minutes on what the Siddaramaiah government had managed to achieve in the last 5 years in power, a few days later. He also mentioned that Rahul Gandhi should not look at and refer to notes while speaking. He even invited the Congress President to choose whatever language he preferred and was comfortable with – “Hindi, English, or his mother Sonia’s mother tongue Italian.”

In return, a dare for the prime minister was put forward by Siddaramaiah challenging him to speak on the erstwhile BJP government in the state which was headed by Yeddyurappa, even by looking at his notes.

“Dear PM @narendramodi ji, I challenge you to speak about the achievements of BS Yeddyurappa’s Govt in Karnataka for 15 minutes by looking at a paper,” the CM had tweeted.

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