A Pakistani diplomat has been accused by the National Investigation Agency of plotting launch of 26/11- styled attacks on consulates of the US and Israel in India in 2014 and in addition, more attacks on Army and Navy commands in south India.  This time however, the NIA has also placed that diplomat on its ‘Wanted’ list which is a fist for a Pakistani diplomat.

The NIA has said that the Pakistani diplomat – named Amir Zubair Siddiqui, had been posted at the Pakistani embassy in Colombo in Sri Lanka as visa counsellor. The investigating agency has also released a picture of the diplomat while asking people to give out information about the individual.

According to the Times of India, two other Pakistani diplomats have also been held responsible by the NIA in addition to Siddiqui, as well as a fourth Pakistani officer reportedly posted in the Pakistani high commission in Sri Lanka. All are accused of being linked to the plot that Siddiqui headed.

It has also been reported that red corner notices (RCNs) against the accused Pakistani officers will also be sent to the Interpol via a request by the NIA. The agency believes that the four Pakistani diplomats have already gone back to Islamabad, according to the newspaper report.

The newspaper report claimed that it was back in February that Siddiqui had been charge sheeted by the NIA, even though the other three Pakistani officials are yet to be identified by the investigative agency. According to the NIA, in addition to Siddiqui, ‘Vineeth’ is the code name of the second Pakistani officer – an intelligence officer of Pakistan. The third official carries an alias of “Boss alias Shah”.

It has been alleged by the NIA that the accused Pakistani officer were plotting to launch attacks on important installations in Chennai and some other spots in South India during the period between 2006 and 2016 when he was in service in Sri Lanka. He used his agents to plot the attacks. The NIA claimed that a Sri Lankan national Muhammed Sakir Hussain and other people with names such as Arun Selvaraj, Sivabalan and Thameem Ansari, were hired by Siddiqui for the execution of the planned attacks. Security agencies in New Delhi have arrested those hired agents.

The NIA further alleged that gathering of information about defence installations, nuclear establishments and movement of arms in India was tasked with the hired agents by the Pakistani officer. The hired agents were also asked to take pictures of those identified installations and movements.  The TOI quoted NIA officials as saying that supplying and circulating fake Indian currencies in the country and stealing of laptops of senior officials of Indian Army were also asked to be done by the Pakistani officer of the hired agents. According to reports, attacks on the Israeli consulate in Bengaluru and the US consulate in Chennai were at the target of the Pakistani official. Also on the hit list, were various ports and the Eastern Naval Command headquarters in Visakhapatnam, the NIA has alleged in the charge sheet.

(Adapted from Timesnownews.com)