Narco Test, CBI Probe Demanded By Wife Of Accused MLA In Unnao Rape Case

Narco Test, CBI Probe Demanded By Wife Of Accused MLA In Unnao Rape Case

Narco Test, CBI Probe Demanded By Wife Of Accused MLA In Unnao Rape Case

A narco-analysis test was demanded by the wife of the BJP MLA accused of raping a woman, whose father died in police custody in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. The wife has demanded that the tests be conducted on both her husband and the alleged rape survivor.

It was two days ago that the incident was brought to the limelight by the national media following the death of the father.

Unnao Rape Victim attempts suicide

However, the rape survivor has claimed that the district administration and the police have forced her to remain confined in a hotel room and claimed that the MLA and his henchmen had murdered her uncle earlier and now her father. The girl had attempted to set herself on fire outside of the residence of the U.P. Chief Minister a few days ago.

She said, “I want justice, why are they pressuring me for an apology? Do they want my (another) uncle to be killed too?”

Unnao Rape Victim’s father harassed by goons

On Wednesday, an alleged video began to make the social media rounds and was picked up by the media later which showed the father of the alleged rape survivor giving a statement before he had died. The father had alleged that the MLA’s brother and his men had mercilessly beat him up even with rifle butts. There were pictures of serious wound marks on the back of the father in the video which was supposedly shot in a hospital.

Sangeeta Sengar wife of MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar allege a political conspiracy

Accusing the complainant rape victim of being inconsistent with her statements, Sangeeta Sengar the wife of the accused MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar alleged that a political conspiracy is being hatched against her husband and her family. She told this to reporters after a meeting with Uttar Pradesh DGP OP Singh in Lucknow on Wednesday.

“We demand that a narco test be conducted on my husband and the girl as well as her uncle. This will help in ascertaining the truth and presenting the correct picture. We have full sympathy with the girl, as her modesty was outraged … There are political reasons behind this and my husband has been made a pawn,” Sangeeta Sengar said.

She claimed that her husband was innocent and requested the media not to call him a rapist. She further claimed that the accused MLA has been in politics for the last 15 years and had diligently served the people. She added that her daughters were also disturbed because of the accusations.

Unnao Rape Case

Unnao Rape Case

She also claimed that her brother-in-law was also not involved in the crimes for which he has been arrested.

She said: “Why should he quit even before he is declared guilty? Merely on the basis of charges, why should he resign?” when asked whether her husband should resign from the UP Assembly.

CBI inquiry demanded by MLA’s wife

In line with the demands of the accused MLA’s wife, the alleged rape survivor also demanded a CBI inquiry into the case.

She had been literally confined her to a hotel room “without a phone or water and guards at every corner”, claimed the survivor. “I can’t charge my mobile, there is no TV, no water. We are told we can’t go outside,” the girl told a TV news channel.

“We are told we can’t go outside, there are guards at every corner. When we ask them for help, they say it isn’t their job. Is this justice?” the girl said.

The brother of the accused MLA was arrested by a crime branch team from Unnao on Tuesday. A special investigation team has been set up by the state government to investigate the accusations that have rocked the country.

“The SIT team will probe on all the aspects of the case and act accordingly. Security has been provided to the victim’s family,” ADGP (Lucknow zone) Rajiv Krishna said.

A plea for the induction of the CBI on the case would be heard by the Supreme Court next week, it said.