Mumbai Jeweller accused of hijacking scare the first to be put on the national no-fly list

Mumbai Jeweller accused of hijacking scare the first to be put on national no-Fly list

Mumbai Jeweller accused of hijacking scare the first to be put on the national no-fly list

After eight months of the incident, Birju Kishore Salla, a Mumbai based jeweler who was responsible for a hijack scare on board a Jet Airways flight in October last year, has become the first person to put on the ‘National No Fly List’.

Birju Kishore Salla was booked under Anti-Hijacking Act

It should be noted that Birju Kishore Salla is the person who was also booked under the tough Anti-Hijacking Act which had replaced an older law of 1982.

Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways pilot found the note

In October last year, the pilot of the Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways flight got a note that there was a bomb in the washroom. The note was found by a cabin crew. After being alerted, the pilot made an emergency landing at Ahmedabad. The crime branch investigating this case later arrested Salla (37) because he wrote that letter to scare people.

Birju Kishore Salla is the first person to be put on India’s No-Fly List

A senior DGCA official said, “Salla, the guy who had created the hijack scare in a Jet Airways flight last year, is the first person to be put on the no-fly list.”

At that time, the Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju advised the airlines to put him on the no-fly list. Raju also suggests that the airline should proceed with the statutory criminal action against him too.

Under the revised Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR), a passenger can be considered to be placed under three categories of unruly behavior, with category three carrying the harshest punishment.

Birju Kishore Salla was punished under the third category.

The various levels of misbehavior as stipulated in the law has varied penalties under the three categories with the ban period being enhancing with the brutality of the violation:

Actions that will lead you to the No-Fly List

  • Level 1: Unruly physical gestures, verbal harassment, and unruly inebriation – carrying a ban up to three months.
  • Level 2: Physically abusive behavior (like pushing, kicking, hitting, inappropriate touching) – carries a ban of up to six months.
  • Level 3: Life-threatening behavior — assaults, damage to aircraft systems etc – carrying a ban of a minimum of two years which can be extended indefinitely.

To probe unruly behavior, every domestic airline needs to create an internal committee under a retired District and Sessions judge’s chairmanship.

Members of the committee are selected from the different scheduled airlines and passenger associations, consumer associations and retired officials of the consumer dispute redressal forum.

India gets No-Fly List

India gets No-Fly List

The individual, Salla has an office in Zaveri Bazar at Mumbai. He has a flat in a posh locality of Mumbai.

In the note that landed him trouble, he had written that there were hijackers on the plane and a bomb was placed in the washroom.

In his confession, the accused told to the investigation team that he had threatened Jet Airways so that it would close its operation in Delhi so that his girlfriend could come back to Mumbai because she worked at the Delhi office of the airlines.

The note directed the crew to fly the plane directly to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). It was written in Urdu and English.

“Allah is Great” were the ending words of the note. The reference to PoK made investigators wary because Pakistan-based terrorists call the area ‘Azad Kashmir’.

DGCA says that it is the responsibility of the Jet Airways now to inform the other airlines about this passenger under the CAR. At the same time DGCA will continue to maintain a detailed database of such passengers.