Modi govt ‘Data Leak Sarkar’: Congress; Rahul ‘technologically illiterate’: BJP

Modi govt ‘Data Leak Sarkar’: Congress; Rahul ‘technologically illiterate’: BJP

Modi govt ‘Data Leak Sarkar’: Congress; Rahul ‘technologically illiterate’: BJP

It was a free for all between the Congress and the BJP over technology and data breach allegations on Monday.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) called Congress President Rahul Gandhi to be ‘technologically illiterate’ as a retaliatory comment to Congress’s accusation earlier in the day that the BJP is stealing people’s private information.

Rahul Gandhi had accused the Modi government of stealing data from users that the users shared on the Narendra Modi app, ‘NaMo’.

“Rahul’s allegations are a classic case of technological illiteracy. He does not know that data analysis is not equivalent to spying. This new age is the age of information which Rahul Ji will not understand,” BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said in a press conference.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s NaMo App leaking users Data?

Prior to Patra’s comments, Narendra Modi’s government was called a “Data Leak Sarkar” by Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi in a press conference and had alleged the Modi government of “leaking” people’s data by asking them to submit their personal information on the ‘NaMo’ app.

Abki Baar Data Leak Sarkar?

“Modi government is attacking the privacy of its citizens. Abki Baar data leak Sarkar,” Singhvi said.
Singvi also alleged that the government had not been able to keep people’s money safe in banks earlier and now people’s identities are also not safe. He was referring to the Punjab National Bank scam done by jeweler Nirav Modi and Mehul Choski.

Rahul Vs Modi

Rahul Vs Modi

Prime Minister’s Book “The Exam Warriors”

The Prime Minister had suggested students download the NaMo app in his book “The Exam Warriors” and thus Singhvi alleged that the Prime Minister was even “snooping on minors”.

“Mr. Modi urged children to download NaMo App in his book Exam Warriors, Does he now want to snoop in on minors?” Asked Singhvi.

Singhvi further said that Congress party members are able to connect with the parry through offline means while attempting to answer allegations by the BJP that the ‘With INC’ app of the Congress was also used to share personal information of users.

“The ‘With INC’ App had 15000 downloads, our people preferred offline memberships. With INC App meant for people only interested to be our members, while Modi’s NaMo App has 50 Lakh+ downloads by ordinary common people. We are not a missed call party like the BJP,” Singhvi added.

The political drama became hotter when a retaliatory press conference was held by the BJP barely an hour later by Patra. He said that the users’ data that are shared by the NaMo app was done according to the requirements of a “smart app”.

“Analysis is not equal to snooping or surveillance. This is a provision of a smart app. NaMo app is no different from any smart app. Like all the smart app, it too requires the users to grant access to their personal data to help enhance the user experience,” Patra said.

This formed the basis for the day-long comments battle between the two parties which tried to outperform the other over allegations of use of user’s data that are shared on mobile apps of both the parties.

It was a day earlier that the NaMo app was targeted by the Congress and allegations were leveled that private information on the app was shared with a US-based firm. Similar allegations were made by the BJP on Monday about the Congress doing the same with its ‘With INC’ app.