A man has again been lynched on the roads in India.

The latest incident took place in Karnataka’s Bidar where a 32-year-old man from Hyderabad was beaten to death on suspicion that he was a child lifter.

His family however cannot still believe that the mob killed the man because of mistaken identity.

Mohammad Azam, the techie, was lynched at Murki village in Bidar on Friday. The family has demanded a proper investigation of the killing.

Mohammad Akram Azam’s brother said, “He (Azam) was a software engineer working with Google. He looked so sophisticated and polished in his behaviour. How can anybody suspect him to be a kidnapper of children? Definitely it would not have been the reason.” He appealed to the Telangana government to the discuses the issue with Karnataka government and demand a proper enquiry.

Akram said, “the guilty should be punished so that no other innocent loses his life in this manner.” He argued to prevent such lynching incident which spread rumour in the instant messaging service WhatsApp.

On Friday, Azam was with his friend Mohammed Salham-eid-al-Kubaisi, a Qatari national when the incident took place. Reports said that the friends had chocolates with them and the offered them to some schoolchildren. This triggered off the horrible incident took place. Azam was buried on Saturday.

Throughout India, there have been rumours of lynching which are spread via the instant messaging app WhatsApp. Azam’s murder is the latest in a series of lynchings. Following the rising concerns, WhatsApp has bene prompted to make announcement of measures for prevention of the spreading of disinformation.

On the other hand, Azam’s friends Mohammed Salman and Mohammed Salham-eid-al-Kubaisi, who were injured in the mob attack were shifted to a Hyderabad hospital. They are stable and out of danger, said doctors. In Bidar, another injured person, Noor Mohammed is undergoing treatment.

Akram said Salham came to the house of Azam to meet him. Akram said Salham had come from Qatar who worked as police official there.

The duo had been in Hyderabad on a holiday.

Akram said: “both of them left the house around 11.30 am without telling anybody where they were going. It was only later in the evening, when we got a call from the police that they had gone to Bidar to meet Salham’s friend.”

Azam’s cousins Mohammad Salman and Noor Mohammad had also gone with them to Handikera near Bidar to meet Mohammad Bashir.

While returning back to Hyderabad, they had stopped at a shop near Balkut Tanda. There they saw some school students. Salham allegedly offered them some chocolates, which he had brought form Qatar. The villagers assumed them to be a group of child lifters and questioned them. Following an altercation, Azam and others left the place. But in this short time, their photographs were distributed widely through a WhatsApp group. At Murki, they were stopped by a mob lynched in which Azam was killed on the spot.

(Adapted from TheHindustanTimes.com)