Karnataka the Second Indian State to Officially have its Own State Flag

Karnataka State flag is a tri-color flag with red, while and yellow colors. In the centre there is the Karnataka State Emblem "Ganda Bherunda"
Karnataka State flag is a tri-color flag with red, white and yellow colors. In the center, there is the Karnataka State Emblem “Ganda Bherunda”

A separate flag for the state of Karnataka was officially unveiled earlier this week.

The Karnataka State flag is a tricolor one with white, yellow and red. The white color on the flag symbolizes peace while yellow signifies the auspiciousness and well-being of Kannadigas and the red colors are reflective of courage.

At the center of the flag is the state emblem of Karnataka which has been designed based on the symbol of the kingdom of Mysore. This emblem is also displayed on all correspondence of the Karnataka government.

What do the colors in Karnataka State flag mean?

The state symbol on the flag is the Sarnath lion symbol which can be seen in multiple places across the country. It is placed above the red shield with the Ganda Bherunda. Flanking it on both sides are two lion-elephants called ‘Sharabha’ which is a mythological creature believed to be of 8-legs and possessing the combined powers of lions and elephants.

Ganda Bherunda and its connection with Vijayanagara Empire and the Mysore Kingdom

It was as early as 1510 that the Ganda Bherunda was first seen on coins of the Vijayanagara Empire. It was later adapted to be the official symbol of the Mysore kingdom.

Though the flag was officially unveiled on Thursday, the process had begun many months ago by the Karnataka government which had formed a committee entrusted with the task of designing the official state flag in July 2017.

The final decision to officially adopt and unveil the flag was made following a meeting headed by the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for debating the suggestions of the flag committee. The current color combination of the state flag along with the State emblem was suggested by the committee. Littérateurs, official representatives and representatives of Kannada organizations was also part of the meeting.

“The long-pending demand of having separate State flag has finally been realized with the support extended by all the concerned,” said the chief minister following the final acceptance of the recommendations of the flag committee at the meeting.

Karnataka is the second state after Jammu and Kashmir to have its own state flag which has been officially declared and accepted.

Official Flag of Karnataka State
Official Flag of Karnataka State

The flag is reflective of the red-and-yellow flag that has been used by the pro-Kannada organizations since the 1960s. The Kannada flag symbolized love for the language and the resolve to fight for state issues. The flag has been used unofficially since then. The original design of the flag was devised by Ma Ramamurthy, a renowned Kannada writer, and activist. It was designed initially for a pro-Kannada political party called Kannada Paksha. It has now almost become a ritual to unfurl the flag on November 1, the foundation day of Karnataka, each year. It can also commonly be seen at public places throughout the state.

Kannada is the official language of Karnataka.

The nine-member flag committee had earlier submitted its suggestions on February 6 following a close examination of the legal and constitutional provisions for carrying a separate state flag.

“When the report was tabled in the State Cabinet, it was unanimously accepted. This further empowered me to take a final call on the issue after consulting leaders of Kannada organizations. Leaders of Kannada outfits agreed to the recommendations on the design of State flag,” said the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah while unveiling the flag.

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