Kalaburagi: The District Youth Congress protested against BJP’s remarks on Tippu. The protest was lead by Mazhar Alam Khan at the Muslim Chowk, near National College. The protest was attended by hundreds of Congress leaders and workers.

The Karnataka BJP has been against celebrating Tippu Jayanti in the state, and several prominent BJP leaders had made remarks on Tippu calling him an Anti-Kannada and a killer. Among the criticizing BJP leaders was the MoS Anant Kumar Hegde, he posted several derogatory tweets.

The protest was attended by several prominent Youth Congress leaders including Iranna Zalki, President Kalaburagi District Youth Congress, Mazhar Alam Khan, Chairman, KPTCL, Farooq Maniyal, Syed Rakhib, General Secretary, Karnataka NSUI and many others.




The protesters burned an effigy of Bharatiya Janata Party leaders BS Yeddyurappa and Anant Kumar Hedge and shouted pro-unity slogans.

KPTCL Chairman, Mazhar Alam Khan, spoke highly of Tippu and shared a few incidents where Tippu Sultan had visited Hindu temples and paid for the renovation of more than 100 temples.


Mazhar Alam Khan, Iranna Zalki at Tippu Rally

Mazhar Alam Khan, Chariman KPTCL and Youth Congress President Iranna Zalki burning effigy of B S Yeddyurappa