IPL Cheerleaders – Glamour refuses to cease

Since the Indian Premier League is a place where glamour and extravaganza are unique selling points, one expects innovative minds at work to display that glamour at its bodacious best.

Cheerleaders are not something the IPL can never claim to have invented or innovated. This custom of having cheerleaders for teams is borrowed from the American Football League. Cheerleading has been very common in American sports over a long period of time.

IPL is a franchise league, and there always lies a big onus on how to make it more attractive in the eyes of the audience. The reception that the league has received from across the fans all over the World has made the organizers and administrators to adhere to and expand the idea of IPL being a spectacle of money and glamour. The presence of the cheerleaders on the field has now become the significant part of that idea of glamour that IPL showcases to the world.

What makes Cheerleaders in IPL so special?

Fours and sixes in T20 come at a much faster rate in the shortest format of the game than in the longer formats. The IPL has given more attraction to the entertainment through their special awards, most notably the IPL Maximum Sixes Award and the Orange Cap for the highest run-getter in the IPL.

What elevates those fours and sixes to a whole new level of attraction are the Cheerleaders. As soon as a boundary is hit, the camera instantly turns its focus on the cheerleaders of the batting side. The music in the background is synchronized perfectly with the swift and ravishing moves of the girls.

On more occasions than not in the last few years, the cheerleaders have often displayed their gymnastic skills, adding a layer of sophistication to their performances. The cheerleaders display their aesthetic talents in front of the audience so that they have more reasons to be delighted and less to complain about. Needless to say, that portion of the stadium where they perform always remains packed with spectators.

IPL Cheerleaders and Controversies

Amidst all the fanfare and the attention the cheerleaders have generated, they have never been without controversy. When the IPL commissioner Lalit Modi was sacked from BCCI in 2010, there was a debate regarding whether the presence of cheerleaders in IPL was really necessary.

After all, Modi was the one who introduced the custom in the first place. If he’s gone, why should his traditions stay?

The worst controversy regarding the cheerleaders was the one raised by South African Gabriella Pasqualotto, who was a cheerleader for the Mumbai Indians. Pasqualotto wrote in her blog about the inappropriate behavior of some of the cricketers she had encountered as part of her job. She was eventually removed from her job by the team management, alleging that she had disclosed personal issues of the cricketers to the public, making it a breach of their privacy.

Despite this, Cheerleaders have survived, and they continue to dazzle the audiences every year.