Gowdas could be in driver’s seat in case of hung assembly in Karnataka

Gowdas could be in driver’s seat in case of hung assembly in Karnataka

Gowdas could be in driver’s seat in case of hung assembly in Karnataka

The ruling Congress and the main opposition – the BJP in Karnataka are getting jittery as most pre-poll surveys are predicting a hung assembly in the forthcoming assembly elections.

And it is all smiling for the JDS of the Gowdas, the third party in the race because a hung assembly will pot in the very dominating position.

The possibility of a hung assembly is a rising cause of worry for both BJP’s CM face BS Yeddyurappa camp and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s camp. Both the parties would be rendered powerless in case of a fractured mandate.

However, there are some second line leaders in the Congress and the BJP who are reportedly rejoicing secretly at such a possibility, in the hope of gaining a position of power in case of a hung assembly.

There are many political analysts who are of the opinion that a hung assembly on May 12 Karnataka election will bring an end to the era of both Siddaramaiah and Yeddyurappa in the state and potentially create an opportunity for some second line leaders to come to the forefront.

The Congress and the JDS relationship have been negatively impacted by the personal enmity that Siddaramaiah has with the Gowda family, a senior leader of the Congress reportedly told the media.

“He has been attacking the Gowdas. He even persuaded Rahul Gandhi to take on the Gowdas in his election speeches. We are not happy with this. In case of a hung Assembly, we have to go to JDS for support. They will use it as an excuse not to back us and may prefer BJP over us,” said the senior Congress leader to the media.

And then there are some Congress leaders who are of the opinion that the party should ensure that the Gowdas sticks with the Congress in case of a fractured assembly and for that, the Congress high command should immediately get in touch with the Gowdas.

However, the Siddaramaiah camp is reportedly opposed to appeasing the Gowdas and are claiming that it would be possible for them to cross the 113 seats line alone. The camp is even sending fillers to the high command about the certainty of the Gowda family going against the Congress, calling the JDS a “B team” of the BJP.

It has been reported that the JDS option is desired to be kept open by Senior Congress leaders like Mallikarjun Kharge, G Parameshwara, D K Shivakumar, T B Jayachandra, Kagodu Thimmappa and R V Deshpande despite the vehement opposition for some former JDS leaders like Siddaramaiah.

Congress, BJP, JDS

Congress, BJP, JDS

There are similar worries in the BJP about a hung assembly in Karnataka Assembly.  The relationship between the Gowdas and Yeddyurappa is very bitter following the 20:20 month experiment of 2006-07 that ended in a disaster. Any ties between the BJP and the JDS has been always opposed by Yeddyurappa. A proposed alliance with the JDS for the Bengaluru City Corporation some time back was opposed by him. he has even said that he would not side with the JDS even if had to retire from politics.

There was no question of doing any kind of business with Yeddyurappa, H D Deve Gowda said in an interview recently with a television channel.

“If we don’t reach 113, Yeddyurappa can’t be our CM. The Gowdas won’t accept him. We will have to look for someone else to replace him. Actually, it will give us an opportunity to ease him out. He is also 75 now,” a senior BJP leader reportedly told the media.