Karnataka Budget 2018-19

On February 16th the Karnataka Government, headed by Veteran Congress Politician Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced the budget for the financial year 2018-2019.


The Karnataka Budget 2018-2019 has been termed as a Pro-Farmer, Pro-Student, and Pro-Girl. Below are a few Pro-Female initiatives taken up by the Karnataka Government.



Free Education for Karnataka girl students up to Post Graduation

There was a time when the girls were killed in the mother’s womb itself or were buried alive!!

And, now is the time where various initiatives are being taken to develop and empower the girl child.

Though people are convinced about the fact that girls are divine gifts, the thought of them bringing shame to the family still exists somewhere in the corners of minds in the rural areas, which results in early marriages, child marriages and dropouts from the early primary schools itself.

The basic reasons that lie behind the dropouts are the poor financial conditions of the family where the parents opt the boy child’s education over the girl child’s education.

And the next one is again relating to bias in the gender; many people from remote areas with unusual beliefs still consider that the girl’s education is a waste of time, money and resources.

While they are unaware of the fact that a girl with knowledge can do wonders when given a chance and right exposure.

The Female literacy rate of a lot of states analytically never exceeds the male literacy rate.

And the false perception that women are getting empowered each day is mugging up around like never before!!

Free education for Karnataka Girl Students

But with the recent buzz around, the Karnataka State is planning to initiate in turning the false perception into a true one and is gearing up to achieve the highest girl literacy rate.

The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, has now come up with new strategies for the 2018-2019 academic years to encourage the girl child education and aid real women empowerment.

In accordance with it, to bring the most out of the girl’s insights and help them make wonders, the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced to provide the Karnataka state girls free education.

He states that he holds the responsibility of all girls studying in government institutions, and all girls from primary to post-graduation will be provided free education.

To get this plan implemented, the Chief Minister has peculiarly a designated a budget of huge amount.

This initiative of Siddaramaiah encourages the girl child education and the motive affects around 3.7 lakh girl students pursuing post-graduation courses in the state.

Budget Plan for Free Girl Child Education

The budget plan of provision varies depending on the level of education and will be implemented for the 2018-2019 academic year.

In 2017, the state government came up with the announcement of providing free education to all girls from primary to post graduation in government institutions as well as in the government –aided-private institutions.

A round figured amount of Rs.95 crore from the budget is allocated to be spent on providing free education for all the girl students enrolled in the government pre-university courses, degree, and post-graduation courses.

And while stating his 13th state budget, Siddaramaiah announced that a huge amount of Rs. 4,514 crores are being provided for higher education in the year 2018-19.

Likely, Rs. 22,350 crores budget is spent on primary and secondary education.

New Schools, Digital Library, Free Bus Passes, Safety measures and More

A digital library through cloud computing will also be provided to around 10 lakh students belonging to Government pre-universities and Government high schools, for which the government has allocated a Rs.5 crore amount.

Upon on providing scholarships during the year 2018-2019, the Chief Minister also plans to increase the number of schools in the state by establishing “Karnataka Public Schools” across the state at a total expenditure of Rs.5 crores and at an approximate expenditure of Rs.5 lakh for each school.

The academic years from 2018 for the Karnataka girl students seems to be like the golden era with all the beneficiaries being provided without any economic burden.

The girl students enrolled in the Government institutions are promised to be provided with all the sophistication during their complete period of education.

The Chief Minister has got everything possible statistically planned for the girl child’s future in the state with the assured safety of girls in the institutions by installing the surveillance cameras around the surroundings and in the institutions.

And, all the girl students belonging to the government institutions from primary to post-graduation will also be provided with free bus passes across the state in the year 2018.

And this very scheme is supposing to benefit around 19.6 lakh girl students of the Karnataka state.

Final thoughts

With all the above schemes and welfare strategies in effect, the Karnataka state is all set to get the perception of women empowerment in action and fascinate the other states of India with the same.

This initiative of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah proves to be a step towards creating a congenial environment and abolishing the gender discrimination.

And this dynamism of the Chief Minister of Karnataka state is completely appreciable and would substantially contribute to girl child education and women empowerment.

Getting educated and acknowledged is the birthright of every individual without any consequential bias.

After all, knowledge enlightens the path to success irrespective of the gender of the soul it is residing in.