Famous Hollywood actress Emma Watson bestowed her support and tweeted in favour of the Kathua rape murder victim’s lawyer.

She tweeted “All power to Deepika Rajawat”.

She used the Rajawat’s profile picture along with her tweet. Deepika Rajawat is the lawyer of the Kathua rape murder victim and her family.

A huge number of people had come out in support of Rajawat on earlier occasions- especially on the social media. But this time she got support from a very unlikely quarter.

Emma Watson who is also the United Nations Women’s goodwill ambassador, apart from being a popular face of the Hollywood, reacted to the profile photo of Rajawat.

Rajawat shot into the limelight after she represented the Kathua rape case victim’s family. The horrific rape and murder incident that took place in Jammu & Kashmir’s Kathua district had made the headlines throughout the country. And now we know that people outside of India are also aware of the incident.

This case had shocked and surprised a large section of Indians – especially after the police filed the charge sheet which brought out the gory details of the manner in which the child was tortured and subsequently killed

In the meantime, lawyer Deepika Rajawat claimed that she was fearing for her life and had been threatened by her colleagues, which included members of the Jammu & Kashmir Bar Association.

A Bar Council of India (BCI) panel has countered Rajawat’s allegations. A report submitted by the BCI panel to the Supreme Court has said that there was no evidence to Rajawat’s claims that she had been threatened for representing the Kathua rape victim’s family.

Rajawat still continues to represent the family. The trial of the case is currently on hold, after the Supreme Court stayed proceedings until May 7.

The Kathua rape and murder case is related to the alleged abduction, confinement, sexual assault and killing of an eight-year-old girl who belonged to the nomadic tribe Bakarwal of Jammu & Kashmir.

According to the charge sheet filed by the police, the child was kidnapped by some of the accused when she was out of her home to graze her horses. She was allegedly kept confined in a small room in a local temple for the next 8 days, sedated and physically abused by more than one person before being killed brutally in a nearby forested area.


Many see her rape and murder to be a part of a larger conspiracy to scare away the Bakarwals – a nomadic tribe – from Kathua.

In this case police have already arrested 8 of the accused including 2 who were special police officers.

Kathua rape and murder case is such a horrific incident that whole nation was angered. People have demanded changes in the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

The central government has already brought in some enhancement in the POSCO Act and has provided for awarding of death penalty in incidents of rape of girls less than 12 years of age.

Meanwhile, a plea is being heard by the Supreme Court filed by the Kathua rape and murder victim’s father pursuing that the trial be moved outside Jammu & Kashmir. Two of the accused in the case have opposed the plea and have asked the Supreme Court to transfer the probe to the Central Bureau of Investigation instead.

The Supreme Court will hear these requests on May 7.

(Adapted from IndiaToday.com)