All commercial vehicles will now have to mandatorily follow vehicle tracking systems and FASTags for electronic toll collection according to a draft amendment to the existing laws prepared by the central government.  These would be necessary for all vehicles that want to avail a national permit for commercial vehicles. The government has

According to the proposed amendments as drawn up by the government, drivers and vehicles owners would also be able to carry their driving licence and pollution control certificates in either the physical or digital form while there is another proposal for eliminating the requirement for fitness certification when a new transport vehicle is registered.

A statement from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) on Tuesday read “Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has notified draft amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, making FASTags and vehicle tracking system device mandatory for all commercial vehicles (CVs) obtaining national permit.”

It also said, it will be mandatory to paste a sticker on the front wind screen of the vehicle that confirms the fitting of the FASTagson.

The words “National Permit or N/P” in the front and rear of the vehicles in bold letters should be displayed, the draft said.

In case of trailers, the letters “N/P” will have to be emblazoned on the rear and left side of the vehicle while the body of a tanker ferrying dangerous or hazardous materials needs to painted in white colour as well as clearly display the prescribed class label on both the sides and rear of the tanker. The vehicle will be affixed with reflective tapes at front and rear.

In the statement it said “the proposed amendment also provides that no fitness certification shall be required at the time of registration for new transport vehicles sold as fully built vehicles. Such vehicles will be deemed to be having certificate of fitness for a period of two years from the date of registration.”

The vehicles which are up to eight years old should get there fitness certificate renewed for a period of two years while those that are older would need to get a fitness certificate every year, suggests the amendments.

MoRTH further said “the proposed amendment also provides that driving licence and Pollution Under Control certificates can be carried in physical or digital form.”

Additionally, the statement said that the vehicles which carry goods will do so in a closed body of the vehicle or container. In exceptional cases when it is required to ferry goods in the open, the operators need to get the goods covered by an suitable covering sheets such as tarpaulin or any other material that is suitable to withstand a journey.

However, no cover would be required for goods that are of indivisible nature and which are not possible to be carried along in a closed body or under a covered sheet.

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