Gulbarga- The city of Saints and Sufies

Gulbarga is a city in Karnataka state which is known for various reasons but one of the most historic and essential parts of Indian culture is

Sufi Hazrat Khaja Banda Nawaz

The tomb of 14th century Sufi Hazrat Khaja Banda Nawaz. He is known for his mystical power and social service. His line of descendants continues to carry his legacy. One of such name is Alhaj Janab Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini. He is considered as the 23rd descendant of Khwaja Banda Nawaz and 45th in line to Prophet Muhammad. Recently the Karnataka government conferred him with Karnataka Rajyotsava award under the leadership of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini’s Biography

Dr. Khusro was born to Padma Shri Janad Syed Shah Muhammad Al Hussaini on 10th sept 1945. Since his Childhood, he was an enthusiastic learner. He completed his initial education from Cambridge University in 1962 and in 1965 completed his graduation. He has a passion for knowledge, avid reader, and prolific writer, he further pursued his post graduation in Arabic and literature from Osmania University where he was working as an assistant professor as well. He did not stop his passion to pursue knowledge In 1976 he did his second post graduation in Sufism from Institute of Islamic studies, Mcgill University Canada, He also received Doctorate in Sufism in 2004 from Belford University.

His education and interest in academic-led him to construct various schools and Colleges in the city of Gulbarga. Currently, he is the architect of more than 15 institutes where hundred of thousands of students has gained their education. His passion led him to serve as a member of various bodies.

Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini served on various Government and Private Boards

  • Karnataka Board of Waqfs
  • Board of Trustees, Shah Khamesh Education Trust Hyderabad
  • The managing Committee of Jamia Nizamia for the third term, international center, New Delhi
  • He is the founder president of the All Khaja Education society Gulbarga, since 2007
  • He is the architect of more than 15 institutions including KBN Engineering and Medical Colleges and a 500-bed Khaja Bandanawaz Hospital.

He is also the founder of All India Sufi Conference.

Books Written by Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini

He is also a prolific writer and some of his books including the

  • Sayyid Muhammad Al Husayni Gesudaraz on Sufism,
  • The life, Works, and Teaching of Khwaja Bandanawaz Gesudaraz, Wa Rafa Na Lak Dhikrak Muhammad have been recognized at the international level.
  • He has also written a biography of Khwaja Bandanawaz Gesudaraz and a commentary on Quran, besides writing a series of books on Sufism.
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presenting the Rajyotsava Award 2017 to Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presenting the Rajyotsava Award 2017 to Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini

Recently he was awarded the Rajyotsava award – which is the second-highest civilian award given by the Karnataka government every year. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah felicitated Dr. Khusro at CM office in presence of Gulbarga District in-charge minister Dr. Sharan Patil, Priyank Kharge (Minister of IT & BT, Tourism), Ilyas Bagban (NEKSRTC chairman) and various other leaders.