In Assam, a daughter has been alleged to have killed her father and of burying the dead body in the compound of the house.

The girl said that his father had tried to rape her at their residence in Assam’s Biswanath district earlier this year, police claimed on Thursday.

The 25-year-old woman reportedly told the police that self-defence was the reason that she had done all these things.

Police have recovered the 71-year old man’s decomposed body. The body was buried in a 15-foot-deep pit within the backyard of the family home. The body was recovered by the police on Tuesday. The woman and four of her family members were arrested in connection with the incident.

According to the police, on March 3, the man had allegedly attempted to rape his daughter within the house. In the incident, the woman tried to protect herself and had reportedly killed her father in self-defence with an axe. The accused woman has been charged with murder, while the other four members of the family – including the woman’s mother – were booked for concealing legal evidence related to the case.

The issue came to light after the family went to police station to file a missing complaint of the father – Biswanath Chariali, on May 11. The whole thing came to light after that. Diganta Kumar Chaudhary district superintendent of police said: “the statements they provided during questioning did not corroborate.”

Police started investigations after they had doubts on the statements of the family members. In further investigations, the police came to know that the family had recently dug a pit in the backyard of their residence. This made the doubts of the police stronger. When confronted again, the woman had reportedly confessed to her crime.

A police officer told the media: “according to the woman’s statement, the man tried to rape her around 11 pm that night. When she resisted, he pulled out an axe. But she overpowered him and killed him with the same weapon.”

According to the description of the police, “the family members kept the body concealed in plastic bags for the three days it took to dig the pit. They finally buried it on March 7.”

Police said that during interrogations, the family had alleged that the father – Chariali, used to sexually abuse his daughter on a regular basis. The woman accused of killing her father was a MA student in a local college.

Police is also investigating other sides of the case. They are also talking to the neighbours of the family so that they are able to gather more information in this incident.

“We are also looking at the case from other angles, including possible property-related disputes”, a police offer investigating the case reportedly told the media.

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