The drama in Karnataka may not stop yet. Here comes more political twist. On Thursday Congress leader and deputy CM G Parameshwara said that the party had not taken the decision yet to support H D Kumaraswamy as CM for the full five years.

Parameshwara, who is also head of the state Congress, said “the issue is yet to be discussed and finalised. Our immediate aim is to pass the floor test, allocate portfolios and provide good administration. The modalities, including sharing the CM post, are yet to be worked out.”

He made these comments as the deputy CM during a press conference and his comments are also indicative of the possible fissures between the two coalition parties.

Congress and JD(S) have not yet decided who will get which ministry. Congress wants important ministries be given to them because they have more MLAs and despite that they sacrificed in supporting Kumarasawmy as the CM from a party that has less number of MLAs.

JD(S) got 37 seats in Karnataka election. Therefore, Kumaraswamy has to completely depend on the Congress. He had earlier ruled out the possibility of splitting the chief ministership with the alliance party.

On Wednesday, after swearing as CM, Kumaraswamy addressed the press for the first time. He appeared to be unclear and limited himself to saying “our only aim is to make this a model coalition. On my tenure and other modalities of government formation, we are yet to have a meeting.”

Other political parties are of the opinion that Congress will not withdraw their support before the 2019 parliamentary election because the coalition would be able to give a tough fight to the BJP. If they spilt, it will give an advantage to BJP.

The comments of the deputy CM on supporting the JD(S) is being seen by many as a way to clam down those in the Congress disgruntled with the partnership with the JD(S) by apparently spreading the hope to them that their positions can improve in the near future. There were reports that a number of senior Congress leaders had their eyes on the deputy CMs’ post.

For example, Congress’s DK Shivakumar who was instrumental in creation of the coalition and securing safety of the elected MLAs before the trust votes, has been demanding the position of the president of the KPCC and a prominent ministry. Here are reports that he has been advised to retain the position of the state president for the state and would has been promised would be later considered to be the CM after the 2019 elections.

In the meantime, CM Kumaraswamy comfortably passed the trust vote for his government in the Karnataka assembly on Friday with the BJP MLAs walking out of the voting.

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