The Karnataka debate of whom to invite to form a government – the single largest party or the largest coalition with a majority, has spilled on to other states.

The Congress staked fresh claim to form the government in Goa citing the Karnataka governor’s decision to call in the single largest party and said that it had the strength to set up a government. On the other hand, the Bihar governor was requested to give a call to the RJD in the state to form a government there because they were the ‘single largest party’ in the 2015 assembly elections there.

Congress observed Friday as the ‘Save Democracy Day’ throughout the country with demonstrations against the BJP and against the decision of the Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala’s to invite the BJP to form the government.

The BJP emerged as the single largest party in the recently held Karnataka assembly elections with 104 seats out of a possible 222. It was eight less than the majority. The party lay its claim to form the government there and was promptly invited by the governor to take oath the very next day. On the other hand, the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) together has116 seats – more than the required majority. Their claim to form the government was ignored by the governor. What was more enraging for the opposition was that the BJP’s Yeddyurappa was given a fortnight to prove his majority in the assembly. The Supreme court on Friday however asked the BJP to prove its majority by 4 PM on Friday, curtailing the time given by the governor significantly.

The example of calling the largest party to form the government was cited by RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav to lay claim to the Bihar government after nearly a year.

“I along with RJD and Congress legislators would meet Governor Satyapal Malik at 1 pm on Friday and stake claim to form the government in Bihar,” Tejashwi Yadav told reporters in Patna. “If Yeddyurappa got a chance to form the government in Karnataka, why is the RJD being deprived? Why are there two yardsticks for Karnataka and Bihar?” he asked.

RJD had 80 seats in the 2015 assembly elections in Bihar and was the single largest party in the 243-member House. There were 70 seats for the Janata Dal (United) of chief minister Nitish Kumar and 53 for the BJP. Congress has 27 seats. Aligning with the Congress, the RJD formed the government in 2015. Last year, Kumar parted ways with his coalition partners and formed a government with the BJP.

In Goa, the Governor Mridula Sinha would be met by the Congress legislators there led by Chandrakant Kavlekar on Friday. The Congress delegation would lay claim to form the government – again on the basis of being the single largest party. The governor would also be submitted a formal letter with signatures of all the 16 Congress legislators. The Congress had won 17 seats in the 40-member house last year but missed forming the government. But the BJP – with just 14 seats, formed the government stitching up a coalition.

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