After the booze ban in Bihar, now Chhattisgarh government too wants to implement total prohibition in booze.

“Our CM Raman Singh too is in favour of prohibition and he is trying his best to create a conducive atmosphere to implement prohibition in Chhattisgarh”, said a joint team of politicians and government officers from Chhattisgarh who are visiting Bihar in an effort to learn how a complete liquor ban has been successfully implemented by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.

One of the officials in the visiting team told reporters: “Raman Singh is serious about enforcing prohibition. That is why he has sent us to Bihar to study different aspects of Bihar Prohibition law and the steps taken by the Nitish Kumar government for effective enforcement of prohibition.”

The team held a a long meeting with the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s advisor (policy and programme implementation) Anajni Kumar Singh at the CM residence on Friday. The meeting was attended among others by Bastar MP Dinesh Kashyap, Janjgir-Champa MP Kamla Devi Patle, Kawardha MLA Ashok Sahu, Kunkuri MLA Rohit Kumar Sai, Chhattisgarh government’s excise and registration department secretary D D Singh and some officers of other departments.

A statement issued by the Bihar government’s information and public relations department said: “Earlier the visiting team’s meeting was scheduled with Bihar CM at his residence. But because of CM’s sickness, Anajni Singh held the meeting.”

The team visiting Bihar from Chhattisgarh was briefed about what measures were implemented by the Bihar government following the execution of the total prohibition on alcohol had taken place on April 5, 2016, in the meeting by Anajni Singh.

Anjani Singh told the team members from Chhattisgarh that because of the opposition of such a ban on liquor by educated people and different lobbies that were absolutely against the move of the state government’s move had made the implementation process of the ban a very difficult one in Bihar.

The opposers of the move had taken refuge in the argument that the ban would result in excise duty loss of about Rs 5,000 crore for the Bihar government and it would also prevent tourists from visiting the state. But the strong willpower of CM Nitish Kumar made the implementation of the total ban possible, he said.

Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh had visited the Munger divisional town in Bihar last year. During his this visit, he had positively said that his state had taken certain steps towards prohibition and as a part of that, liquor sale was not allowed in a village that had a population up to 3,000.

Ramman Singh had said in Munger that his government had already stopped sale of liquor in villages with a population of up to 2,000 and now the government wants to include those villages that have a population of up to 3,000 into the alcohol ban, he had said in Munger.”

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