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IPL 2018: The Grandest League of them all – Everything you wanted to know about IPL 2018

Indian Premier League (IPL) – The Grandest League of them all Everything you wanted to know about IPL 2018 In this post, we have covered everything about Indian Premier League. It’s history, how it all began and how it became the biggest and the most watched Cricket league the world has ever seen. History of Indian Premier League League (IPL) It all started after International Cricket Council introduced a new shorter Cricket format with just 20 overs. They gave it a cute name Twenty Twenty or T20 for short. When was the first IPL hosted? Around the years 2006-2007, the craze for T20 cricket began to emerge across the Cricketing World. Be it England, Australia, South Africa or the Indian subcontinental teams, everybody was ready to dive into the new format. When was the First T20 World Cup held? The first World T20, World Cup for the new format, was organized in 2007, within seven months of the 50-over World Cup that happened the same year. Who Won the First T20 World Cup? As the days went by, the craze got even higher. Especially in India, after the Indian National Cricket team managed to win the inaugural World Cup T20. The whole Cricket fraternity of India was trying out of their blood and sweat to make something big out of T20. Indian Cricket League (ICL) Then something happened. The Indian...

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Kolkata Knight Riders Team Preview and Player List for IPL 2018

Kolkata Knight Riders hoping to regain confidence and form in IPL 2018 In the very first year of Indian Premier League, a new elation surrounded the Kolkata Knight Riders. While it was known that many businessmen and film stars were slated to be the owners of the 8 IPL franchises, the Kolkata based franchise fell into the hands of one of the Bollywood’s biggest superstars, Shah Rukh Khan. With Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in the world’s biggest Cricket league, expectations were high that the massive population of young women in India would be more interested in the sport. So...

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Team Preview and Player List of Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2018

Rajasthan Royals looking to come back with a roar The Rajasthan Royals team remains one of the biggest mysteries of Indian Premier League to date. When the auctions for the first ever season happened, everybody saw them as the minnows, and the writing on the paper manifested itself on the field very well for the first few matches. They changed their tune and then, shocking everyone, Rajasthan Royals went on a rampage, beating every side one by one. When the tournament ended, RR was the last team standing. They held the trophy aloft proudly, making sure that all the...

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Team Preview and Player List of Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2018

Royal Challengers Bangalore looking to wake up from their slumber When disappointment throws itself up in your face, you have no place to hide; the spotlight will be flush bright on you now. Because you are the one who is meant to succeed. And when you can’t live up to your levels, people will talk, they will point fingers. That’s what the present situation is, for the Royal Challengers Bangalore right now. After a fiery IPL season in 2016, which saw them earn their third runner-up trophy of IPL, RCB had the most dreadful season in 2017. Very often when we try to reach for the stars and are very close to doing so, we can’t get the satisfaction until we achieve our goals. It pretty much sums up the current predilection of the RCB. Before 2016, RCB had been runner-up in the IPL twice. With Gayle, De Villiers, and Kohli, they had always looked like a formidable side – a team the opponents would fear, especially their bowlers. If any of these three players went on a roll, they could turn a match and make it a living nightmare for the opponents within moments. It has seemed that whenever it mattered the most, even the most talented of men from the RCB let the nerves take over and fall short of their abilities. This has made RCB the...

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Team Preview and Player List of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2018

Defending Champs Mumbai Indians look to continue their dominance When Mumbai Indians will strut on the grounds in the IPL 2018 edition, everyone’s eyes will be on them. During the initial years of the franchise league, they were widely believed to be the perennial underachievers of IPL. Each time they came close to the title, some other team would put an abrupt pause in their momentum, leaving Mumbai Indians dejected. This was the story until 2012. When they played CSK in Eden Gardens final in IPL 2013, their moment finally arrived. Playing some scintillating Cricket they managed to break the deadlock and came home with the coveted trophy. The achievement seemed even bigger considering they beat Chennai Super Kings in the Final. When CSK won their last IPL title back in 2011 beating Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Final, they had two titles in their bag, and two other finals as well. In the opening half-decade of IPL, CSK was the most consistent, most dominating team of IPL. While Chennai has failed to collect another title, MI has made the most of their opportunity, winning 3 IPL titles in the past 5 years. This transformation has made Mumbai Indians the most respected as well as the most feared side among all the IPL teams. When IPL 2018 comes around, they will all jump to stake their claim at the...

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