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IPL Awards are as creative as they can get

Indian Cricket finally has something of a global scale to cherish on its own. The IPL proved to be the biggest boon for the fans and the BCCI alike. It tried to create a distinctive identity of its own from the beginning. Since the start of the Indian Premier League, it has tried to distinguish itself from the other modes of Cricket, especially International Cricket. The domestic Cricket leagues in England and Australia were well known not only to their players, but also the fans around the World. One could ask any Cricket fan in India about the names...

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Great Captains of the IPL

In any sport, the leader of a team has a massive role to perform, over and above performing the routine duties as a member of the team. He will be held accountable even if one player fails and team loses because of him. How the players of the team perform rests partly on the shoulders of the captain. How the team performs as a collective unit rests on the Team Captain’s shoulders. In T20 Cricket, the momentum shifts are quick, often within a single over. Being able to strategize and adapt during the game time, is what is expected from the Captain. Today, we are talking about such captain in IPL who have risen to the occasion and motivated the every player from their respective teams to give their absolute best.   1. Shane Warne, Rajasthan Royals Shane Warne was chosen to lead the most underwhelming side in Rajasthan Royals on papers in the inaugural edition of the league. In 2002, Warne got overlooked as the captain of his National Team, with his younger team mate Ricky Ponting taking charge. With RR, he got the chance to show his prowess as a team leader. The individuals he got as part of the team seemed like a let down for his fans. The first match they played ended in a big loss to Delhi Daredevils. However, Warne is a man...

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IPL Cheerleaders – The Crown Jewel of Glamour

IPL Cheerleaders – Glamour refuses to cease Since the Indian Premier League is a place where glamour and extravaganza are unique selling points, one expects innovative minds at work to display that glamour at its bodacious best. Cheerleaders are not something the IPL can never claim to have invented or innovated. This custom of having cheerleaders for teams is borrowed from the American Football League. Cheerleading has been very common in American sports over a long period of time. IPL is a franchise league, and there always lies a big onus on how to make it more attractive in the eyes of the audience. The reception that the league has received from across the fans all over the World has made the organizers and administrators to adhere to and expand the idea of IPL being a spectacle of money and glamour. The presence of the cheerleaders on the field has now become the significant part of that idea of glamour that IPL showcases to the world. What makes Cheerleaders in IPL so special? Fours and sixes in T20 come at a much faster rate in the shortest format of the game than in the longer formats. The IPL has given more attraction to the entertainment through their special awards, most notably the IPL Maximum Sixes Award and the Orange Cap for the highest run-getter in the IPL. What elevates...

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Team Preview and Player List of Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2018

Team Preview and Player List of Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2018 In this post, we are going to share all the information about the Indian Premier League Cricket T20 Team Kings XI Punjab in the upcoming IPL 2018 Tournament. Time for the Underdogs KXIP to Rise Again Forever the underdogs of the upcoming IPL 2018 Tournament have never fallen short of providing massive entertainment to the fans. Much like upcoming IPL 2018 Tournament and upcoming IPL 2018 Tournament, this Punjab-based team too has never won the title. While the other teams have gotten close to the title, what...

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Team Preview and Player List of Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2018

IPL 2018: Team Preview and Player List of Delhi Daredevils In this post, we are going to share all the information about the Indian Premier League Cricket T20 Team Delhi Daredevils in the upcoming IPL 2018 Tournament.  Delhi Daredevils looking for the push ahead In any classroom, there is always one student who seems brilliant and talented but on the mark sheet, he comes off as an average student. For all the brilliance and all the potential, there seems to be something missing. This has been the story of Delhi Daredevils in the 10 seasons of IPL so far....

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