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Blame Game Between Cong. And BJP Over 10,000 Voter cards Found in Bangalore

A rented apartment in North Bengaluru’s RR Nagar in Karnataka was the place where approximately 10,000 voter ID cards were found on Tuesday night.  Following the incident an investigation has already been started by the Election Commission of India. The owner of the apartment is reported to be one Rakesh where 9,746 voter IDs and two trunks full of ‘counter papers’ were found. The incident unfolded late on Tuesday night. The IDs “appear to belong to slum-dwellers of the area”, said the Karnataka’s Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar at press conference. District electoral officer and three observers, are in charge of the investigation. EC found over one lakh chits that “looked like counter foils of elections” but all do not appear to be genuine, said Kumar. He also said that the investigation will definitely bring out the main culprit. After this incident the two big parties in Indian politics have started a blame game. BJP claimed that the apartment belonged to a Congress politician. Denying all such allegations, Congress counter attacked the BJP and claimed that the apartment is supposed to belong to a BJP leader and added that BJP’s “lies have been exposed.” Highlighting the seriousness of the matter, the chief electoral officer further said that the number of voters in RR Nagar is “quite high” compared to the state average. “There are 4, 35, 439 voters in...

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India’s Largest e-Retailer Flipkart Is Being Purchased By Walmart

Control of leading Indian e-retailer Flipkart will be taken over by Walmart for $16 billion against a stake of 77%. Walmart has been attempting to create a dent in the Indian market and now it has the chance to do so via Flipkart. Wholesale outlets of the Arkansas-based retailer have been prevented to be opened in India by the government of the fastest growing major economy in the world. “India is one of the most attractive retail markets in the world, given its size and growth rate, and our investment is an opportunity to partner with the company that is leading transformation of e-commerce in the market,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said in a statement. According to the deal, about $2 billion would be invested freshly in Flipkart by Walmart. The company’s chief financial officer Brett Biggs said on a conference call, that the company could also arrange for “additional potential investors” while it still retained a majority stake. McMillon said that the major reason of Walmart getting interested in Flipkart is the presence of the Indian retailer in multiple sectors like fashion, electronics and digital payments. SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son first confirmed the news of the deal during an earnings presentation on Wednesday. Last year, about $2,5 billion was invested in Flipkart by the Japanese technology group. The Japanese group is set make a return of 60% on its...

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Supreme Court of India says it is okay for Adult Couples to live together

Supreme Court of India says it is okay for Adult Couples to live together While hearing a case involving a 20-year old woman from Kerala whose marriage was annulled by a lower court, the Supreme Court of India noted that every adult Indian has the right to choose the partner with whom they want to live and they can do it without getting married to that person. The Supreme Court of India noted that the woman had the right to live with the person she wanted, referring to the case. Women from Domestic Violence Act of 2005 has a provision...

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Has Modi Struck a secret pact with the JDS in Karnataka?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly enhanced the chances of the BJP coming to power in Karnataka this year after he craftly converted the one-time foe – Janata Dal chief and former prime minister Deve Gowda, into a friend virtually overnight. At the time that Modi went to meet Gowda, most of the opinion polls were giving the Congress an edge for the forthcoming Karnataka assembly elections. Till that time, the former prime minister and JDS leader had issued warnings that he would disown even his son HD Kumaraswamy if he struck a post poll alliance with the BJP. It was being said that the Janata Dal-Secular would become the king maker because the state was heading towards a hung assembly. It might be recalled that the JDS has had bitter experiences with both the BJP and the Congress during a power sharing agreement with both on earlier occasions in the state. Despite the assertations by Gowda Senior that there is no softening of stand against the BJP, many believe the contrary. It is reported the Gowda has suddenly grown fond of Modi – being able to find merit in the prime minister, like never before. And that has reportedly left Congress chief minister Siddaramaiah sulking at JDS being wooed away by Modi. Modi’s guile and chicanery has left yet another tall leader all high and dry. Many are...

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Rahul Gandhi tweets “Karnataka’s Most Wanted” list

Congress President Rahul Gandhi mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday saying: “Dear Modi ji you talk a lot, problem is your actions does not match your word. Here’s a primer on your candidate selection in Karnataka. It plays like an episode of “Karnataka’s Most Wanted”. This was the tweet the Rahul Gandhi put out along with a list of BJP candidates who were tainted but were given tickets by the political party for the forthcoming assembly elections in Karnataka. He alleged that such candidates had allegations of corruptions against them. He even called BJP’s chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa to be tainted leader. The one-minute video saw Rahul Gandhi taking a jibe at Modi. He called the list of BJP candidates “Karnataka’s Most Wanted” in the tweet. He said in the video addressing Modi: “You talk a lot.” Rahul Gandhi also dared Modi to speak for five minutes on issues related to those BJP leaders who face corruption charges, and yet have been handed over election tickets by the BJP for the Karnataka assembly elections. He repeated this call multiple times throughout the video. It was during one of the election rallies that Rahul Gandhi was addressing for the Karnataka polls where he dared Modi to face him and speak for at least 15 minutes in a debate in Parliament over several contentious issues such as the the...

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