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Rising Fuel Prices Likely To Force Government To Cut Excise Duty For Relief

A cut in fuel prices appears to be most likely. On Tuesday petrol and diesel prices touched record high which forced the government to rethink its policies on excise duty on motor fuel and look for alternatives to provide some relief to the common people. In Delhi the price of petrol and diesel touched Rs 76.87 and Rs 68.08 a litre respectively on Tuesday. It was none other than the BJP national president Amit Sha who gave the indication of the desire of the government to bring down the rocketing rise in fuel prices when he said that the rise was an issue that has made the top positions in the government concerned and it will be addressed within a few days. “As far as (rising) petrol prices are concerned, the government is taking it very seriously. Tomorrow (Wednesday) the oil minister will be holding a meeting with all the oil companies. The government is looking into the reasons for the rising prices and will certainly come out with a formula to deal with it or resolve the matter in 2-4 days. The oil minister has also informed the people about this today” Shah told reporters. It can be assumed safely that the decision of reduction of prices of fuel has been passed at the political level while it is being worked out at the administrative level by the...

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Politics Abuzz With Death Of 9 In Police Firing In Tuticorin, TN

The death of nine people in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu to police bullets has raked the national political environment with most opposition parties voicing significant displeasure over the police action on agitators. A large crowd had gathered at the Vedanta group’s Sterlite Copper plant to protest against the pollution concerns and demanding immediate closure of the plant on Tuesday. Police opened fire on a crowd of about 20,000, demanding scrapping of proposed expansion of the copper smelter of Sterlite Copper, attempted to march to the district collectorate in Tuticorin. The crowd also set a number of vehicles on fire too. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu K Palaniswami has ordered an investigation into the incident. The state Governor Banwarilal Purohit condoled the deaths. The protesters took out a procession towards the collectorate defying the prohibitory orders clamped in the specific area in Tuticorin, 600 km from Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai, said Palaniswami. The protesters started vandalism. Reports say protesters hurled stones and set government vehicles and public property on fire, he said. According to a senior official of the Tamil Nadu police, if the police did not fire, the protesters would have ransacked the district headquarters. Reports say that police fired again in the evening to disperse the crowd. The tragic incident has evoked sharp reactions from parties, including Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). CM Palaniswami confirmed that the nine people...

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Eighth Consecutive Day of Petro Fuel Hike, Government May take action soon

Marking the eighth consecutive day of price hike, the four metros saw increase in price of petrol and diesel again on Monday. In Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, the price of petrol and diesel were enhanced from Monday. Petrol price was increased 33/34 paise per litre and diesel price was increased by 25/27 paise per litre. According to the Indian Oil Corporation, with effect from 6 am on Monday, petrol was sold at Rs 76.57 per litre in Delhi while diesel retailed at Rs. 67.82 per litre. Within eight days including Monday’s hike, petrol has is costlier by Rs. 1.94 per litre while diesel is dearer by Rs. 1.68 per litre in the National Capital Region. As of 6 am, May 21, petrol prices were at Rs. 76.57 per litre in Delhi, Rs. 79.24 per litre in Kolkata, Rs. 84.4 per litre in Mumbai and Rs. 79.47 per litre in Chennai, according to Indian Oil. Diesel prices were at Rs. 67.82 per litre, Rs. 70.37 per litre, Rs. 72.21 per litre and Rs. 71.59 per litre respectively in the court metros. It was potentially because of the Karnataka assembly elections that the price of petrol and diesel were not raised by the union government. Because of that delay, oil companies (OMCs) wanted to raise the price once the election got over. This time, the companies needed a hike of...

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Kerala Nipah Virus Outbreak: Experts Suspect Human To Human Transmission

The outbreak in Kerala of Nipah virus, a zoonotic disease that is usually transmitted to humans from fruit bats, could be the result of human-to- human transmission, epidemiologists and virologists who are now investigating this matter said. Preeti Sudan, Union health secretary, who is receiving regular updates of the situation, said: “it could be a case of human-to-human transmission but it is too early to confirm that as our expert team has just reached the spot, and will take about a day or two to submit its report.” Sudan added “We have sent samples for checking to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune and expect the results to help us understand better the exact nature of transmission.” Investigation of the source of the Nipah virus, following the NIV’s confirmation of the death of three people in Kerala, is being done by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), a team of which is now in the affected areas. Dr Promila Gupta, director general health services (DGHS) said “Our initial investigation says people have died due to respiratory distress syndrome that damaged their lungs. We are conducting a detailed investigation and should know soon what exactly the situation is on ground.” “Whether it was a single source infection or one of the three dead got infected and infected others is difficult to tell and needs to be investigated....

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Mumbai Jeweller accused of hijacking scare the first to be put on national no-Fly list

Mumbai Jeweller accused of hijacking scare the first to be put on the national no-fly list After eight months of the incident, Birju Kishore Salla, a Mumbai based jeweler who was responsible for a hijack scare on board a Jet Airways flight in October last year, has become the first person to put on the ‘National No Fly List’. Birju Kishore Salla was booked under Anti-Hijacking Act It should be noted that Birju Kishore Salla is the person who was also booked under the tough Anti-Hijacking Act which had replaced an older law of 1982. Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways pilot found...

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