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Lynched Google Techie’s Family Cannot Believe He Was Mistaken A Child Lifter

A man has again been lynched on the roads in India. The latest incident took place in Karnataka’s Bidar where a 32-year-old man from Hyderabad was beaten to death on suspicion that he was a child lifter. His family however cannot still believe that the mob killed the man because of mistaken identity. Mohammad Azam, the techie, was lynched at Murki village in Bidar on Friday. The family has demanded a proper investigation of the killing. Mohammad Akram Azam’s brother said, “He (Azam) was a software engineer working with Google. He looked so sophisticated and polished in his behaviour. How can anybody suspect him to be a kidnapper of children? Definitely it would not have been the reason.” He appealed to the Telangana government to the discuses the issue with Karnataka government and demand a proper enquiry. Akram said, “the guilty should be punished so that no other innocent loses his life in this manner.” He argued to prevent such lynching incident which spread rumour in the instant messaging service WhatsApp. On Friday, Azam was with his friend Mohammed Salham-eid-al-Kubaisi, a Qatari national when the incident took place. Reports said that the friends had chocolates with them and the offered them to some schoolchildren. This triggered off the horrible incident took place. Azam was buried on Saturday. Throughout India, there have been rumours of lynching which are spread via...

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Chhattisgarh Wants To Emulate Bihar Model Of Liquor Ban

After the booze ban in Bihar, now Chhattisgarh government too wants to implement total prohibition in booze. “Our CM Raman Singh too is in favour of prohibition and he is trying his best to create a conducive atmosphere to implement prohibition in Chhattisgarh”, said a joint team of politicians and government officers from Chhattisgarh who are visiting Bihar in an effort to learn how a complete liquor ban has been successfully implemented by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. One of the officials in the visiting team told reporters: “Raman Singh is serious about enforcing prohibition. That is why he has sent us to Bihar to study different aspects of Bihar Prohibition law and the steps taken by the Nitish Kumar government for effective enforcement of prohibition.” The team held a a long meeting with the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s advisor (policy and programme implementation) Anajni Kumar Singh at the CM residence on Friday. The meeting was attended among others by Bastar MP Dinesh Kashyap, Janjgir-Champa MP Kamla Devi Patle, Kawardha MLA Ashok Sahu, Kunkuri MLA Rohit Kumar Sai, Chhattisgarh government’s excise and registration department secretary D D Singh and some officers of other departments. A statement issued by the Bihar government’s information and public relations department said: “Earlier the visiting team’s meeting was scheduled with Bihar CM at his residence. But because of CM’s sickness, Anajni Singh held the meeting.”...

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Clear Lashkar Link In Shujaat Bukhari Murder, Plan Hatched In Pak: J& K Police

The murder of senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari in Srinagar was one of the high profile killings in the Kashmir valley in last few years. After this big incident, the Jammu & Kashmir police tried to find out the guilty. From the very first day of the investigation, police had been saying that the murder has a connection with the Lashkar-e-Toiba. On Thursday, police said that they now have “tangible evidence to establish” their theory. The police added that the conspiracy to kill senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari was hatched by the Lasehkar-e-Toiba in Pakistan and the plan was accomplished in the Valley. On 14 June, at Bukhari’s office in Srinagar, two of his personal security guards were also killed in the attack. The pictures of three assassins taken on a CCTV had been earlier released by the police. On Thursday Jammu & Kashmir police identified one of the killers as Naveed Jatt alias Hanzullah, who was a Pakistani national. He had escaped from Srinagar’s SMHS Hospital in February this year. There were two local militants, Muzaffar Ahmad alias Talha from Qazigund, and Azad Ahmad Malik alias Dada, with him for the incident. He was the LeT’s district commander in Anantnagn. Police have the information that Talha has been “active” since January this year. Dada is said to have been “active” in South Kashmir since 2016, and had reportedly managed to...

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Rate of Probe, prosecution, conviction in human trafficking ‘disproportionately low’ in India: US report

The scale of human trafficking is high in India, but relative to that, the rates of investigations, prosecutions and convictions in the country were “disproportionately low”, said a US report on global trends in human trafficking. In the annual report on the trade of human trafficking, the US has continued to place India in ‘Tier 2’ list. In India, human trafficking is wide spread in many cities. India was urged to increase prosecutions and convictions for all forms of trafficking which also includes forced and bonded labour, and of officials allegedly complicit in it, by the annual Trafficking in Persons Report for 2018 of the US State Department. The department said “the government of India does not fully meet the minimum standards for elimination of trafficking, However, it is making significant efforts to do so. The government demonstrated increasing efforts compared to the previous reporting period, and therefore, India remained on Tier 2.” According the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) of the US, each country in this report were placed on one of the four tiers by the department. When the government of a particular country does not completely meet the TVPA’s minimum standards but has been making important efforts to bring itself to conform to those standards, the country is placed in a Tier 2 list. In India, the efforts that were noticeable were focused towards...

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Congress Alleges More Than Rs 70,000 Cr Bank Frauds During Modi Rule

The Congress has alleged that India has been led into “financial anarchy” with the “utter economic mismanagement” by the BJP led Narendra Modi government. According to the Congress, that has resulted in bank frauds over Rs 70,000 crore. It further said that the Modi government is now compelling the LIC to purchase the loss making IDBI Bank to “hide its failures”. “Post the numerous bank loot scams that have plunged the banking sector in deep crises, one more mega scam worth Rs 6,978 crore has been uncovered taking the total value of 13 bank loot scams to Rs 70,014 crore,” said Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala. He also alleged that criminal conspiracy, cheating and frauds of Rs 6,978.72 crore has been done by the Faridabad-based SRS Group which is a diversified company. He alleged that 17 banks have bene defrauded by the company using hundreds of shell companies. The company also allegedly has laundered money and cheated thousands of home buyers. The Modi government’s financial anarchy is going on unchecked because the NPAs of banks touched Rs 2,63,000 crore in fiscal 2013-14 and now that figure is around Rs 10,30,000 crore, alleged Surjewala while talking about the Q4 losses for 2017-18 of the Indian banks that touched an “astronomical” Rs 90,000 crore. He said that the gross NPA of the IDBI Bank has touched a figure of Rs 55,588.26...

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