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CBI Seeks Information On Mehul Choksi’s Whereabouts From Antiguan Authorities

The authorities in Antigua have been approached by the CBI requesting them to provide some information about the whereabouts of fugitive jeweler Mehul Choksi m who is one of the primary accused in the Rs 13000 crore fraud at the Punjab National Bank, according to media reports quoting government sources. The move of the CBI comes after there were reports that Choksi had fled to the Caribbean country in July and had also managed to acquire a local passport. A diffusion notice that had bene issued by the Interpol against the fugitive businessman was cited by the CBI in its written communique to the Antiguan authorities. The CBI is seeking information about the details of movement and the present location of the accused Choksi, sources said. According to a local newspaper Antigua Observer, citizenship of Antigua was taken by Choksi in November 2017, and he had taken the oath of allegiance on January 15 this year. A questionnaire to Citizenship by Investment unit of Antigua asking about Choksi was sent by the newspaper, following reports and quotations from Indian news outlets. The news paper was told that the authorities had approved Choksi’s application after “robust due diligence” and “international investigation” by “reputable agencies”, which included the International Criminal Police Organization and the CARICOM Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), the paper said in a report.   It is...

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Criticism For Italian Photographer For ‘Poverty Porn’ Photos On Hunger In India

Critics have branded a series of photographs taken on hunger in India as exploitative “poverty porn” even as the photos have drawn an online backlash. The photographs, taken by Italian photographer Alessio Mamo, showed Indian villagers posing next to tables full of food. The photos also show Indian children covering their eyes while sitting next to fake meals. Those pictures went viral following the sharing of those photos on Instagram by the World Press Photo Foundation. But after severe backlash from a number of users of Instagram and Twitter criticizing the “Dreaming Food” series, an apology was tendered by Mamo. Many of the critics posted the hashtag #PovertyPorn to protest the photos. “This is extremely insensitive. There are better ways to raise awareness than to try and snatch dignity away from people,” Instagram user shraddhanjalis said in a post. “A little empathy would go a long way. Poor people are not props.” There were however some other social media users who came out in defense of the series of photos claiming that the photographer attempted to create a shock and thereby get more public engaged in the issue of hunger. “The only goal … was to let western people think, in a provocative way, about the waste of food,” said Mamo. The pictures were clicked in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in 2011. “Maybe I did it in the...

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I-T Probe Reveals Rs 650 Crore Money Laundering Scam Agra During Demonetization

Instances of tax evasion that amounts to about Rs 650 crores were detected by the Income Tax department’s sleuths. The incidents all come from the Braj region and had taken place after demonetization. The evasions were orchestrated by local jewelers and bullion traders who converted demonetized money into new legal tenders during that period. The IT department uncovered this after over a year of deep analysis of transactional data. With relation to tax evasion and money laundering, names of a number of political leaders of the center and state have cropped up in the investigation by the IT sleuths who had been conducting a number of surveys in the region over the last few days. The entire scam can be over Rs 650 crores even as investigations are still on going. On the day right after the announcement of demonetization, sale of Rs 37 crores was shown by RS Bullion in Mathura. This data information came to light during the survey. The news of the survey resulted in two businessmen falling ill and who had to be later admitted to a local hospital. The names of a number of public representatives and political leaders who had made use of the services of RS Bullion for conversion of black money into white, have cropped up in the documents that the IT department has found in the survey that lasted for...

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PNB Fraud Accused Mehul Choksi Blames Trend of Lynching For Him Not Returning Back

One of the primary accused in the Punjab National Bank fraud case worth Rs 13500 crores – Mehul Choksi, has appealed to a Mumbai court to cancel the non-bailable warrants issued against him because he fears he would be lynched if he returned to India. While the court was not surprised by the appeal, people were certainly amazed at the argument put forth demanding the relaxation. It has been reported in the media that the tainted promoter of Gitanjali Gems is now in the Caribbean island of Antigua. The media, quoting sources from the intelligence agencies, claimed that Choksi had flown to the Caribbean through the VC Bird International Airport in Antigua on July 8. That was just a day before Indian intelligence and security agencies had got in touch with US authorities officially for information in relation to the possible extradition of the fugitive. “Choksi took a JetBlue flight for his travel from the US to Antigua,” a source from the security agencies was quoted in the media as saying. The agencies also said that Choksi significantly did not make use of his Indian passport for this flight. Sources have said that Choksi used an Antiguan passport that he has managed to acquire. In the anti-corruption court in Mumbai on Monday, an application filed by Choksi read: “There have been various cases of mob lynching in India. This...

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Don Dawood Ibrahim’s Property To Be Auction By Government

One of the three properties that belong to the absconding underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his family is set to be auctioned by the Union finance ministry on August 9. The ministry has already sought bids from interested parties for the property that is situated on the Pakmodia Street in Mumbai. According to a notice of tender published by the ministry in newspapers, Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act (Safema) would be used for the auctioning off the property – the Masulla Building in the Bhendi Bazaar area in central part of the city. The government has also announced a reserve price of Rs 79.43 lakh for the property. The notice also states that any interested party also has to submit the earnest money which has been set at Rs 25 lakh and is to be deposited by 6 August. The YB Chavan auditorium would be the venue for the auction of the property and the auction would be conducted in three ways – e-auction, public auction, and sealed tenders on 9 August. In connection to three other properties of Dawood that were put up for sale last year, the highest bidder was the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust and has quoted Rs 11.50 crore. For the auction of nine properties located in Mumbai, Aurangabad, Valsad, Daman, Surat and Ahmedabad of Dawood, the government has used the...

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