Angry BJP Workers Protest Party Decision to Deny ticket to Yeddyurappa Junior

BJP Vs Congress: Election Karnataka 2018 Assembly

BJP Vs Congress: Election Karnataka 2018 Assembly

While there were preparations for weeks in Varuna constituency – a rural area and the constituency of the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, as it had been preparing for a great showdown, expecting that the kin of the two heads of the main rival political parties would be contesting each other. However, that has now died down after one of the parties – BJP did not nominate the expected candidate for the constituency.

People had been expecting that Varuna seat would see a fight between Dr. Yathindra Siddaramaiah, the son of Siddaramaiah, and BY Vijayendra, son of the BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa. However, BJP did not nominate BY Vijayendra, for the seat, resulting in massive protests by BJP workers in Mysuru. There were threats of resigning issued by the protestors if BJP did not name Yeddyurappa Junior as a candidate for the Karnataka assembly elections to be held on May 12.

“This was a decision taken by us,” said Mr. Yeddyurappa.

The protesting BJP workers virtually broke down when the announcement was made because many of them believed that their leader had been betrayed. At the venue at Nanjanagudu near Mysuru, disgruntled BJP supporters and workers damaged furniture while chanting slogans against BJP National President Amit Shah and Ananth Kumar, senior BJP leader from Karnataka. Later, police had to lathi charge thousands of BJP workers who had gathered outside the hotel where BY Vijayendra was staying as the leader was unable to move out of the hotel. There were claims by the protesting BJP workers that they would resign and instead of the BJP would support HD Deve Gowda’s Janata Dal (Secular) in the elections.

BY Vijayendra, son of the BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa denied ticket

BY Vijayendra, son of the BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa denied ticket

The state BJP is trying to control the damage, said BY Raghavendra, the eldest son of Yeddyurappa, to a television channel. “Seems unlikely that there will be change of decision on Vijayendra. Yeddyurappa announced the decision publicly. It is wrong to blame the high command. The decision was taken by my father,” he said.

The Varuna seat came into the limelight after Siddaramaiah decided to shift constituencies and fight elections from two other constituencies – Chamundeshwari and Badami. The family believes that there is a following of the voters in the Varuna constituency for the chief minister’s family because the elder son of Siddaramaiah had been closely associated with the constituency till he suddenly passed away about two years ago.

No candidates have yet been named by the BJP for the Varuna and the Badami constituencies.

While it is quite apparent that the expectation and calculations by BY Vijayendra have been upended by what Yeddyurappa described as a “last-minute decision”, he tweeted that he supports the BJP’s decision.

There are a lot of similarities between the two ‘star kin’. Both Dr. Yathindra and BY Vijayendra are in their 30s and both are yet to contest an election. Earlier in the week, BY Vijayendra had said to a television news channel that he was anticipating a fight with the Chief Minister’s son in the elections. In fact, it has been weeks that he has been unofficially campaigning in Varuna as the BJP candidate.

“I am not upset, this was a decision taken by me,” said Mr. Yeddyurappa.