According to a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms, there had been an 81.18 per cent increase in the income of the BJP between the years 2015-16 and 2016-17. Its income increased to ₹1,034.27 crores from ₹570.86 crores in the period.

For the fiscal year 2016-17, with an income of ₹225.36 crore, Congress stood out as the second richest political party after the BJP. The lowest income was declared by the CPI with ₹2.08 crore in incomes.

The report said that the combined income of seven national parties in 2016-17 that has been officially declared by them was ₹1,559.17 crores.

The BJP with ₹1,034.27 crores is the highest earner, says the report.

“This forms 66.34% of the total income of national parties added together during 2016-17,” Delhi-based think-tank Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said in a report released on April 10.

14.45 per cent of the total income of the seven political parties was accounted for by the Indian National Congress with ₹225.36 crore income it said. The CPI accounted for just 0.13 per cent of the total income of the seven political parties.

The analysis was based on data that the political parties had declared in their Income Tax returns throughout the country. The report noted that the total expenditure of the seven political parties in the fiscal 2016-17 was ₹1,228.26 crores.

In the period under consideration, ₹710.05 crores in expenditures was declared by the BJP which is the highest. ₹321.66 crore was the total; income of Congress which surprisingly was ₹96.30 crore more than the total income declared by the political party.

In the same fiscal period, 70 per cent of the income of the BSP, 31 per cent of the income of the BJP and the CPI and 6 per cent of the income of the CPI(M) remained unspent as declared by the parties, the report noted.

There was drop of 81.52 per cent in the income of the All India Trinamool Congress during the fiscals 2015-16 and 2016-17, noted the report, while there was decrease of 6.72 per cent in the income of the CPI(M) in the same period.

Donations and contributions have been declared to be the major sources of income for the BJP and the Congress. “Grants/donations/contributions of ₹997.12 crore declared by BJP formed 96.41% of the total income of the party during 2016-17. Declaration of ₹115.64 crore under revenue from issuance of coupons by INC forms the top most income of the party, contributing 51.32% of the total income of the party during 2016-17,” ADR said.

The BJP spent ₹606.64 crore  in the last fiscal year for election/general propaganda – its highest spend, while administrative cost was the second highest item of expenditure at ₹69.78 crores. Election expenditure resulted in expenditure of ₹149.65 crore – the maximum, for the Congress while administrative and general expenses amounted to ₹115.65 crore, noted the report.

In terms of the combined data of the seven national parties, income from voluntary contributions amounted to ₹1,169.07 crores or 74.98 per cent of the total income while ₹128.60 crore was reported in income from interest from banks and FD. Issuance of coupons by national parties accounted for just 7.98 per cent or ₹124.46 crore of the total income for all of the political parties.

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