Ace Pace Bowler Mohammed Shami booked for Domestic Violence under non-bailable Sections

Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan

Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan

Star pace bowler of the Indian cricket team Mohammad Shami has been booked under multiple sections of the IPC which include the likes of an attempt to murder, rape, assault and criminal intimidation – all of which are non-bailable.

Shami was booked in Kolkata on a written complaint of his wife with the police there alleging domestic violence and infidelity.

Shami is likely to be soon sent a notice under Section 41A of CrPC and would be asked to contact the police physically for investigations, said a senior police official of Kolkata Police to the media. The complaint also has the names of Shami’s mother Anjuman Ara Begum, sister Sabina Anjum, brother Mohd Hasib Ahmed and his wife Shama Parveen. All of them have also been booked.

The complaint letter filed by Hasin Jahan was treated as the basis for the filing of an FIR against Shami by the police.

“Kolkata police’s detective department has already started an investigation. We will look into all the allegations and carry out a thorough probe,” joint commissioner (crime) of Kolkata Police, Praveen Tripathi said.

According to lawyers, because of the fact that the case is one of a marital dispute, the police would not require keeping Shami in their custody, even though the sections under which he has been booked warrant his arrest. Additionally, it would not be possible for Shami to escape the country without being noticed because he is a very well-known person. However, the lawyers said that Shami could get arrested if he does not cooperate with the investigations. The police have posted a picket outside of Jahan’s apartment in Jadavpur, Kolkata, as a precautionary measure since Friday.

Ever since she had filed the police complaint, she had been receiving calls from a number of relatives of Shami, Jahan told the media at her home on Friday. “I had informed each one of them about the torture Shami was inflicting on me. But none of them did anything, and instead, they urged me to adjust as I was a woman. Why should I listen to them now?” she said.

Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan on their wedding day

Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan on their wedding day

According to the complaint filed by Jahan against Shami and some of the other family members, she alleged that she had been forced into a room by Shami last December while they were at the family residence of Shami in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, along with Shami’s elder brother who had locked the door behind them.

“He said since I was a model, these things should not bother me much and forced me into a room with his brother, who started touching me inappropriately. He opened the door and let me go only when I screamed,” she alleged.

Shami, in his defense, alleged that it could be possible that his wife might have lost her mental balance. “I don’t know what she is up to. She needs to explain what has changed so much in these few days. We even had a great Holi celebration earlier this month. Now she is suddenly leveling all these accusations on me. I think she has lost her mental balance or it might be her plan to sabotage my career,” he told reporters at Amrohi.

Shami had earlier been left out of the list of cricketers with whom the BCCI entered into yearly contracts. Reacting to that decision by the board, Shami expressed faith in the cricket body.

“Whatever the BCCI has done, it must have done after giving a lot of thought. I have full faith in the BCCI. It will take the right decision regarding my career,” he said further.


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